MIV Foundry

MIV Foundry

The company Metalska industrija Varaždin d.d. (MIV JSC) is a renowned global manufacturer of valves and fittings, which are installed in water systems, sewage systems, power systems, desalinization systems, pump stations and process industry around the world. MIV JSC, which was founded in 1939, sells its products in more than 40 countries around the world and 70% of its production is exported. Today, MIV is a joint-stock company with more than 600 employees.

The development of the company is characterised by a constant expansion and modernisation of a production facility, an increase in the product quality and expansion of a production programme. The company has increased cooperation with international firms and the share of foreign markets has increased in total sales.

A well-developed business and technical cooperation with partners from Europe and around the world give the company additional quality and make it a reliable and recognizable business partner.

Nowadays, there aren`t many companies which can boast about the fact that they include all the segments of a production process, from a design, prototype making, casting, machining, welding, surface protection to assembling and testing of manufactured products.  It is worth mentioning that the whole production process from a foundry to machining takes place in the same location. We have named that production process - from an idea to a finished product.

MIV JSC is famous for the production of a wide range of valves (gate valves, butterfly valves, air valves, check valves, flap check valves, hydrants, dismantling joins etc.) and fittings which are produced from nodular cast iron and welded steel constructions.

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