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Varaždin Market

Varaždin Market

The main town market is located in the centre of Varaždin and it covers more than 6,000 square metres. It a member of the Association of Croatian Markets and it is a Certified Peasant Market, which guarantees that products are of an ecological origin and that they are sold directly from producers.

More than 300 benches for selling fruit, vegetables and cut flowers, almost a hundred bars and kiosks, a diary house and a flower market make it one of the most famous markets in the northwest of Croatia.

What makes it ecological is not only the offer but also the way it uses energy. A solar power plant “Varaždinski plac” was opened in the autumn of 2016. It covers 1,500 square metres and it produces enough electricity to supply all the needs of the market.

Town Market Ltd is owned by the town of Varaždin.

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