Vatroslav Jagić Promenade

Vatroslav Jagić Promenade

Vatroslav Jagić Promenade, which is an outstanding monument of park architecture, is located in the centre of the Baroque core. The Promenade is favourite with the town citizens and we also believe with numerous visitors. The Park exudes the warmth of flower gardens and the freshness of green areas. It is an oasis of a precious natural and cultural landscape, which offers pure pleasure, beautiful feelings, original experiences and a perfect harmony with nature.

In 1838, the Park`s founder, dr. Wilhelm Müller, initiated minor landscaping works in the Park, which was at that time called Jelisavina Promenade. The present-day form of the Promenade dates back to the last century. The first town gardener who started designing the Park was Georg Nestl. He used the knowledge and skills he had acquired while working in elite Czech and Austro-Hungarian parks to design and build the Promenade. In the beginning, the Park had a landscape style and at the beginning of the 20th century Historicistic elements and new contents were introduced such as linden tree avenues, a monument in honour of the founder Wilhelm Müller and a monument dedicated to Vatroslav Jagić, after whom the Promenade has been named. Stjepan Nestl introduced new design and floristic changes. His design of the Park included colourfulness, which made the Park space look more cheerful and opened and such a design has remained to this day.

Nowadays, high tree plantations alternate with open grassy areas in the Park. We encounter indigenous trees such as horse chestnut, mountain maple, spruce, black and white pine as well as ornamental tress such as red leaved beech trees, plane trees, gingko trees and early linden trees. There are a lot of other plant species in the Park which give it a special dark green (conifers) and light green (deciduous trees) atmosphere.

A part of the Park which is located next to the Croatian National Theatre has been designed by using a wall stone and perennial plants and it symbolises a happy extension of the Park into an urban part of Varaždin. If it is necessary, the stone wall is restored and perennial plantations are enriched with new plants, which show their charm from early spring to late autumn.

Flower beds, which are adorned by seasonal flowers and perennial plants, are something which the employees of a company called Parkovi take pride in and which justify the title of Varaždin as the town of flowers. It is worth mentioning that old trees are constantly removed and replaced by new trees of the same species so that the beauty of the Promenade can continue capturing the attention of its visitors.

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