Parks/ Yards

Varaždin is one of few cities which can boast about so many maintained green areas and colourful flowers. Thousands of carefully chosen flowers of different colours and shapes adorn the flower beds of Varaždin every year. Horticultural landscaping is what makes the town of Baroque, music and flowers nationally and internationally recognisable. Parks, green areas along roads, flower beds, floral sculptures, flower baskets and mobile tree alleys in Varaždin are an example of horticultural innovations to a lot of towns in Croatia.

For several years in a row, Varaždin has been one of the most maintained towns of continental Croatia. The Croatian Tourist Board has given Varaždin a special award- The Green Flower with a Gold Trim- for a year-long and continuous equipment and horticultural landscaping. The town also manages one of the most beautiful graveyards in Europe and implements modern principles of plant production.

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